Zion Photography Workshops: Landscapes – Fall

WHEN: Oct 21 - 24, 2018

WHERE: Springdale, UT

FEE: $ (deposit: $250)



Intermediate and
Advanced photographers

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There are several airports you can fly to. The National Park Service lists options, their distances, and how to get to Zion from the various airports.

See Airport Options

There is a shuttle service from these airports to Zion. Check shuttle times, locations, and make your reservation with them at:

St. George Shuttle.

Zion Photography Workshops  – Fall colors in Zion Canyon

Zion Photography Workshops  – Fall colors in Zion Canyon

Zion Photography Workshops  – Fall colors in Zion Canyon

Zion Photography Workshops  – Fall colors in Utah's Zion National Park

Zion Photo Workshops  – Fall colors in Zion National Park Utah

Zion Photography Workshops  – Fall colors in Zion Canyon


  • Group transportation to most shoot locations.
  • Guided & outfitted hike up the Narrows.
  • Focus on creative vision not just technique.
  • Leader with over 20 years working in Zion.
  • Small group. More individual attention.


Begin your journey here and learn to shoot like a pro, making alluring landscape images with new confidence and artistic vision. With its towering sandstone walls and verdant rivers, and springs, dry atmosphere and ethereal reflected light, Zion is photographer’s paradise and an ideal location to transform your vision.

In this 4 day, field-intensive workshop you will expand your vision, learn desert lighting skills, and gain confidence in your technique. Teaming up with Zion Guru, and operating under a sanctioned permit with Zion National Park, this workshop includes a guided hike up the spectacular Zion Narrows (conditions permitting).


INSTRUCTIONAL BASED WORKSHOP: Intensive and comprehensive workshops include organized classroom presentations, constructive image critique, and post processing tips and demonstrations in Lightroom. Field time is designed to be at inspirational locations matching the best subject matter to the best lighting, practicing our art, building upon what we’ve learned in class. On location, the workshop leader provides creative expertise for that location and subject matter assisting with light and technique to help participants capture the best possible images. In addition to camera gear, laptop computers are required for participants to benefit from constructive critique sessions. Whenever possible, workshop schedules have some flexibility to adjust to unforeseen changes in conditions and weather.


You will learn simple but effective ways to create beautiful and inspiring imagery with confidence and consistency.

  • Camera configuration optimized for landscape photography
  • Mastering Manual and Aperture Priority Exposure modes
  • Exposing for max dynamic range and capturing the most sensor information
  • Fine tuning our understanding of light for direct, diffuse and reflected light
  • Fine tuning exposure
  • How clouds and atmospheric conditions affect light and color
  • How to choose subject matter for the given lighting conditions
  • Using lenses for creative effect
  • Creative seeing and thinking techniques
  • Strengthening composition and design for maximum impact
  • Maximizing depth of field
  • Using polarizers and graduated neutral density filters
  • Getting the most out of your images using the “Develop” module in Lightroom


  • Transportation to and from Springdale to shoot locations
  • Guided hike up the Narrows or other slot canyon if the conditions are unsafe in the Narrows.
  • Rental gear (dry pants, neoprene socks, Five-Ten brand water shoes, and a hiking staff) by Zion Guru for the Narrows or other slot canyon.
  • Classroom presentation and field instruction


  • Utah sales tax
  • National Park entrance fees (Your Senior or Annual Park Pass is valid for you and any family members also attending)
  • Meals, lodging, transportation to and from Springdale
  • Tips and gratuities

Participants should be comfortable walking varying distances but up to at least 1 mile one way on well-defined trails with occasional rocky or sandy ground to shoot locations.


You will receive a Confirmation notice of your registration once you complete the process. Additional information - including lodging suggestions, meeting location, and more detailed itinerary - will be delivered to you within 30 days of workshop start date.

Photography Mentor, Coach, and Photo Workshop Instructor Michael DeYoung
© Makayla Crist

For Zion Photography Guru, Michael DeYoung, Zion National Park has become a spiritual sanctuary, where fostering creativity and an everlasting love for the natural world continue to grow. He first came to Zion in 1995 as a welcome escape from the Alaska winter. Since then, Michael, along with his wife, business partner and adventure companion, Lauri, frequently return to Zion at all times of the year.

Together, they’ve explored and photographed virtually every corner of this magical park. They have hiked and backpacked Zion’s backcountry trails as well as exploring many off trail areas. They have kayaked the Virgin River through the park and had done several technical slot canyons in and around Zion.

In addition to his thorough working knowledge photographing Zion, Michael remains an active commercial photographer with 20+ years' experience, shooting assignments and stock productions of adventure and lifestyle imagery. His images from Zion and the Southwest have appeared on national magazine covers and calendars, Utah Tourism promotions and in national and regional ads for the outdoor industry. He also teaches workshops in Alaska, his home for many years, as well as working with Rocky Mountain School of Photography and Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

As a former meteorologist, Michael frequently shares his expertise of the atmospheric effects on what matters most to photography - the light.


Day 1
2:00PM - Motivational presentation where you will go beyond snap shooting and start to shoot with confidence and consistency.

4:30PM - On Location Sunset Shoot

Day 2
6:00AM - On location sunrise and morning light shoot.

NOON - Lunch Break

2:00PM - Post Process & Image Critique

4:00PM - Get Narrows outfitting at Zion Guru

4:30PM - On location sunset shoot

Day 3
6:00AM - On Location Sunrise Shoot

8:30AM - Take shuttle bus to Temple of Sinewava & hike up and shoot in Narrows

Sunset shoot near park entrance

Day 4
6:00AM - On location sunrise and morning light shoot.

NOON - Lunch Break

1:00PM - Afternoon on location shoot.

4:00PM - Return to conference room for final edit and critique session.

6:00PM - Wrap-up


“Having done landscape photography for a long period, I was well aware of the challenges it brings to photographer. During my recent workshop at Zion National Park with Michael, I found him highly skilled and knowledgeable to address various questions I had from framing, composition, camera placement, to temperature adjustment. He taught me some techniques for focusing which were quite invaluable.

Small size of the group was very important, giving Michael time to check with everyone, even if one did not have any question. The locations which were chosen for sunrise and sunset photography were just amazing with a diverse potential for wide angle and telephoto.

Michael's background is in meteorology which was very helpful for anticipating upcoming changes, in particular regarding clouds. Until this workshop, I never thought understanding the type of clouds and their movements is a major asset for a landscape photographer.

Living in New Mexico, I am looking forward to join Michael and Lauri in other workshops. ”

- Naser Mojtahed - Naser Mojtahed on Facebook

Elevate your creativity and technique with concentrated instruction and individual attention.


Zion 4-Day Landscape Fall Photography Workshop - A Utah Landscape and Creativity Photo Workshop