Alaska Photography Workshops & Photo Tours

Alaska Photography Workshops with Michael DeYoung - Close up of woman photographing lupines

Alaska Photo Tours with Michael DeYoung - Woman photographing in field of lupine

Alaska Photography Workshops & Instructional Photo Tours

Our current Alaska photography workshop offerings include workshops and instructional photo tours for specifically for outdoor and nature photographers with various skill sets and seeking to grow as an image creator.

Alaska 4-Day Coastal Glacier Landscapes Photo Workshop

WHEN: July 24 - 27, 2017

WHERE: Girdwood & Whittier, Alaska

FEE: $1,195



WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Active Intermediate to Advanced photographers

This photo workshop includes both the 'Spencer Glacier Adventure' and the 'Glaciers, Icebergs, and Wildflowers Up Close Prince William Sound' photo tours described below with the additional benefit of classroom instruction, demonstrations, and image critique.

Immerse yourself in a unique coastal mountain and glacier carved landscape not found anywhere else in the western U.S. where big mountain views rise precipitously from sea level bathed in 17-hours of daylight. In this adventurous landscape intensive workshop, we take you to remote but accessible glacier locations, returning each night to the comforts of town. Designed to maximize on-location time, our landscape quests will focus on water, mountains, reflections, wildflowers, rainforest, icebergs and glaciers.

In addition to capitalizing on road accessible photo opportunities, the itinerary includes two days of guided, uniquely Alaskan, all day tours off the highway by boat and rail, where we get up close and personal with glaciers and icebergs.

Alaska Spencer Glacier Adventure Photo Tour


with The Ascending Path Guides & Alaska Railroad

WHEN: July 25, 2017

WHERE: Girdwood, Alaska

FEE: $495



WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Active Intermediate to Advanced photographers

This is a uniquely Alaskan landscape photo adventure at a remote but accessible glacier landscape for active photographers. We will team up with Ascending Path for a guided glacier hike with a sea kayak approach across Spencer Lake which is usually filled with icebergs.

This is a 12-hour+ photo driven adventure tour (with lunch provided) with plenty of time to shoot landscapes with wildflowers and icebergs before and possibly after our guided kayak/hike adventure begins. We will arrive on location via a very scenic ride on the Alaska Railroad to the remote Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop. From our remote stop off the highway, we travel 3 miles by van to Ascending Path’s basecamp along the shores of Spencer Lake.

Alaska's Glaciers, Icebergs, and Wildflowers Up Close in Prince William Sound Photo Tour


on privately chartered boat (our group only) with Lazy Otter Charters

WHEN: July 26, 2017

WHERE: Whittier, Alaska

FEE: $450



WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Intermediate to Advanced Photographers

This photo tour is a full day tour with on-location instruction with a small group of photographers on a privately chartered boat. Lazy Otter Charters will take us to one of the most spectacular places in Prince William Sound: Harriman Fjord.

Here we will find 5 tidewater glaciers, spectacular waterfalls, and massive peaks. There are two planned beach landings where we stand a good chance of taking close-up photos of icebergs with glaciers and mountains in the background. Along the way and once in Harriman Fjord, there will be ample opportunities to capture glaciers and mountain views. There are possibilities to photograph sea otters, birds, harbor seals, and other marine wildlife too.

Flash Simplified For Outdoor Photographers Photo Workshop

Flash Simplified for Outdoor Photographers Photo Workshop

This photo workshop combines demonstrations, location shoots working with models, hands-on instruction, and a little classroom time for image critique and post-processing tips. Learn to make magic with one light and stay light and mobile.

Not currently offered due to prior commitments. Stay tuned for future dates.

Alaska Photography Workshops - 'Flash Simplified for Outdoor Photographers' in Anchorage Alaska with DeYoung Photo Workshops

Photographer Mentor & Coaching Opportunities in Anchorage Alaska

Photographer Mentor, Coaching, and Private Photo Instruction in Anchorage, Alaska

Other commitments preventing you from attending one of these workshops? Your desired workshop is already full? We offer one-on-one instructional photography classes. You'll receive more concentrated instruction and more individual attention.

With us by your side, you can take advantage of our working knowledge of locations we have passionately photographed for years for commercial clients. We are an open book and love sharing what we know about creative composition and understanding of lighting to help you capture memorable imagery.

We can work with you on:

  • improving a particular photo technique
  • improving your lighting skills
  • helping you develop your creative vision and personal style
  • mastering the operation of your digital SLR
  • getting the most out of your images in post processing
  • professional development

More information can be found at Private Instructional Photography Mentoring.


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