• New Mexico Landscape Photography Workshop in Spring 2015
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"Mike is one of the best outdoor-location-action-adventure photographers I know. And in his 'Speedlights, camera, action lighting workshop' I took, he taught and demonstrated his successful techniques for us all to learn. I came away with new knowledge I could put to practical use right away. He and his wife Lauri make a great teaching team."

- Jeff Schultz Official Photographer of the Iditarod since 1982 (Anchorage, AK)

Our vision was very much on target both with the extraordinary beauty of Taos and our experience with Michael. He knew and understood the landscape, felt passion for the architecture, and was familiar with weather patterns (as a former Air Force meteorologist) which proved to be most helpful. ... We returned home to Charlotte, North Carolina with images we had dreamed about! Our experience in Taos is one we will not soon forget!Thank you Michael and Lauri!"

Elle & Craig Kriser (Charlotte, NC)

“Michael is an accomplished photographer and instructor and has the ability to teach to a group with vary experience levels. I would recommend his workshops for those who want to improve their photography skills. The quality and creativity of my photography has definitely improved through the lessons I’ve learned in his workshops.”

- Lynn Wegener (Anchorage, AK)

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At DeYoung Photo Workshops you’ll learn photo techniques that strengthen your outdoor photography and personal vision.

WORKSHOPS We currently offer photography workshops in New Mexico and Alaska. Topics covered in our photo workshops include: travel photography, landscape photography, flash photography, and action photography.

Group sizes in our workshops are kept small and the instructors shoot only to demonstrate technique. This leads to greater personal attention to participants. Our format strives for a balanced mix of lecture, field demonstrations, assignments and group critiques with more emphasis on shooting in the field. Whenever possible, we utilize private property locations to minimize any disruptions while we have all our gear out and are learning a technique or practicing with talent.

CUSTOM PHOTO TOURS We also work with you to create your own custom photo tour. Custom photo tours are ideal for those who don’t have time for or are not finding what they want in a workshop yet want some guidance/instruction from a professional. It is ideal for those who want to come home with fantastic images from a location you are going to but really don't know where or when to capture those images. Hiring a professional photographer, you benefit by using their knowledge to get you to the right places at the best times.

Because it is designed just for you, you and your spouse/partner, or you and a small group of your friends (up to 4 people), you receive more concentrated instruction and more individual attention. With a small group we move faster than a larger group thus spending more time on location.

We offer this service at different times of the year in Taos & Northern New Mexico, Anchorage & Southcentral Alaska, Springdale & Zion National Park Utah, and Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado. More information can be found at Custom Photo Tours.

CUSTOM PHOTO INSTRUCTION If you prefer one-on-one photo instruction with a full-time working professional photographer, consider a personalized photo instruction session. We can work with you on improving a particular photo technique, your lighting skills, helping you with creative seeing, mastering the operation of your digital SLR, getting the most out of your images in post processing, and even professional development and portfolio reviews. A day or two of custom instruction or consultation is a great alternative for those who are not finding exactly what they are looking for in a group photo workshop. Personalized photo instruction is basically an intense workshop tailored specifically for you and your available time!

We offer this service at different times of the year in Taos & Northern New Mexico, Anchorage & Southcentral Alaska, and Springdale & Zion National Park Utah. More information can be found at Custom Photo Instruction.